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M.A. in Psychology

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Nicolaas Prins

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Elizabeth Boerger

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Matthew Reysen

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Quantifiable differences are recognized in observers performing perceptual tasks that may be the product of practice or the observer's familiarity with the task. These differences suggest the possibility of perceptual learning (PL), which could be linked to first-order information. The purpose of the present study was to establish learning and test for cases of PL in a perceptual task involving texture segmentation. Changes in contrast threshold measurements from fourteen naïve observers were analyzed based upon their performance in a texture segmentation task presented in periphery. Tests of general learning involving orientation contrast modulations within textures were measured and were found to be robust. Tests of transfer of learning were then conducted by manipulating first-order orientation and retinal location to explore PL and the template retuning mechanism offered in the Perceptual Template Model (PTM). Learning was found to be specific to retinal location. No specificity was found for orientation and thus no evidence of template retuning with respects to orientation specific first-order mechanisms was recognized.


Experiemental Psychology



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