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From Bootleggers to an Obey the Law Campus: an Analysis of the Alcohol Policies at the University of Mississippi

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Ph.D. in Education

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Lori A. Wolff

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Gerald W. Walton

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Thomas J. Reardon


College drinking is one of the most prevailing problems on college campuses today. To navigate the issues surrounding college drinking, institutions of higher learning spend countless hours and monetary resources putting together educational pieces, developing governing policies, and implementing stringent sanctioning practices. At the University of Mississippi, a Two-Strike policy was implemented in 2006. The policy is rooted in educational motives and interventional philosophies, but since its implementation the question posed by many is, "Does it work?" Additionally, the University of Mississippi, in an effort to gain clarity and better educate students about the dangers of illegal and abusive drinking, changed its policy on alcohol. The policy, that once was a strict prohibition of alcohol, was amended in April 2007 to allow for the lawful possession and use of alcohol on campus. This dissertation is a mixed-methods study that provides an analysis of the alcohol policies at the University of Mississippi. The study provides the reader with a detailed historical perspective and then uses both quantitative and qualitative methods to provide data for analysis. The intention of the study is to help decision makers at not only the University of Mississippi but also at other institutions of higher learning gain insight regarding the potential triumphs and challenges of implementing and amending similar alcohol policies.

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