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Ph.D. in Music

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Alan L. Spurgeon

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Allen Clark

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John Latartara

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The present study sought to provide a detailed examination of the history and development of music education in Kuwait. The history of the four teacher-training institutions and music education in schools are discussed. That includes the history of the Music General Supervision Department and its music activities. Additionally, the study examined the perception of music education in Kuwait historically, and surveyed parents and students' perceptions of music and music education in Kuwait public schools. There were 244 students and 169 parents responses to 260 questionnaires. Parents were asked about their knowledge of the music education curriculum and students were asked if they like music and music education or not, and how would they feel if there is no music education in school. There were sixteen items compared between students and parents regarding interest in music, attitude toward music, and belief in music benefits. Results of the study indicate that parents know little of the music education curriculum and most of the students were positive in their answers toward music education. In the sixteen items compared between parents and students, there was a significant difference between them in fourteen items out of the sixteen. The study included comments and recommendations regarding parents and students perception.


Music Education



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