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M.F.A. in Art


Art and Art History

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Durant Thompson

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Tom Lee

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Sheri Rieth

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The ontological curiosity of how "things" work and how our perceptions are shaped are two of the most innate and difficult questions to answer as there is a vast amount of information that is unknowable. The great void of this unknown is the driving force behind all mystical, alchemical and religious endeavors throughout human history, which seek to alleviate the discomfort of such nature. The art that I create is from a complex development of research and experience into this area of philosophy. It seeks to visualize the immaterial in order to have a better grasp on the difficult questions. As daunting of a task as this investigation is, I look for underlying structures and elements that support the world as we know it. These driving forces include, but are not limited to, geometry and mathematics, quantum physics, logic and intuition. The various subjects appear to have a comthread throughout all of them though it can never be exactly located. In combining these areas with my subjective experience, I strive to make sense of what I do know and what is utterly unknowable. My thesis research will lead to an art exhibition, entitled "[ ]", in Gallery 130 at Meek Hall from April 29 to May 3, 2013. Various materials will be used including wood and metal sculptures with elements of plaster and wax, printmaking, drawing and sound, or lack thereof. The wide variety of materials is indicative of the seemingly disparate elements of experiences, but when placed together will draw from each other elements to compose a gestalt or holistic concept of the above statements.


Emphasis: Sculpture

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