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Ph.D. in Education


Leadership and Counselor Education

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Dennis A. Bunch

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Renee Cunningham

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Denver J. Fowler

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Research on 1:1 laptop implementations is missing key information about student achievement on high-stakes assessment. This post hoc, quasi-experimental, quantitative study explores how 1:1 laptop access affects student achievement on the mandated eighth-grade online science assessment in five Mississippi school districts throughout the state. Fifth-grade science assessment results are used as a baseline for student achievement. Three research questions examined mean scale scores on the science assessment, change in scores from fifth to eighth-grade, and the effect on scale scores as the duration of the 1:1 laptop implementation increased. Two of the three experimental districts shoa significant difference in the mean scale scores. All three experimental districts shostatistically significant change in scale scores from fifth to eighth-grade. However, one of the control districts had higher scale scores than the comparable experimental district. Because of the mixed finding among the school districts, additional research should be conducted. Helpful information is provided for school administrators who are considering a 1:1 laptop implementation for their schools.


Emphasis: Educational Leadership (K-12)



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