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Alan L. Spurgeon

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Charles Reagan Wilson

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John Latartara

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Irvin Cooper was a prominent music educator in boys’ adolescent voice change research. Dr. Cooper developed the Cambiata concept as a method for teaching boys to sing throughout the voice change. This method was starkly different from the traditional model that encouraged the changing voice to be rested during the voice change. While working as the music supervisor for the Montreal protestant school system, Cooper developed his method of having boys sing during the voice change, which included arrangements and compositions specifically for changing voices. Cooper taught many prominent researchers of adolescent voice change, including Don Collins and John Cooksey. Both Collins and Cooksey gleaned techniques from Cooper's Cambiata concept that would later be incorporated into their own methods. Cooper's method became a foundation other researchers in the adolescent voice change research, and was the first comprehensive method for adolescent voices. This study investigates Cooper's career in Montreal, Quebec, his time teaching at Florida State University, and the methodology of the Cambiata concept. The Cambiata concept continues to be a prominent way for conductors and teachers to guide boys through the voice change.



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