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Ph.D. in Business Administration



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Milorad Novicevic

Second Advisor

Andre P. Liebenberg

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Tony Ammeter

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This research focused on the influence of vertical team familiarity (past work experience between leader and members) and horizontal team familiarity (past work experience between members) on fluid team financial job performance. Utilizing role theory (Foa & Foa, 1974), leader-member exchange (Graen & Scandura, 1984) and team-member exchange (Seers, 1989) theories, within Grant's (2007) relational job design model, a conceptual model is developed and then empirically tested. It is proposed that through vertical team familiarity and horizontal team familiarity resource exchange relationships develop which influence team financial job performance. The effect of vertical team familiarity on team financial job performance is hypothesized to operate through the intervening variables, horizontal team familiarity, team operational job performance, and diverse team competence. The findings from this study indicate that vertical team familiarity positively influences financial job performance through horizontal team familiarity. This suggest that when fluid team leaders' compose a team bases on members past shared teamwork experiences the leader positively influences financial job performance through horizontal familiarity. Furthermore, team competence was found to be negatively related to team financial job performance indicating that when selecting team members, leaders will better serve the organization by focusing on relationships formed between members.


Emphasis: Management



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