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Ed.D. in Education


Teacher Education

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William J. Sumrall

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Jerilou Moore

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Susan McClelland

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The work of schools is becoming more complex and demanding. Administrators, teachers and parents are often at the core of the educational debate about what is needed to improve schools. The demand for better results in America's schools has led to many efforts to improve the quality of teaching and learning that mainly rested on the shoulders of teachers and school leaders. The past decade has led to added accountability measures that also include local school boards. Accountability for the school board calls for an in-depth look at school board capacity. This research looks at the role of the school board and how school boards in Mississippi approach their work through the four organizational lenses or frames developed by Dr. Terrence Deal and Dr. Lee Bolman (2013). Using the four frame model (structural, human resource, political, and symbolic), this study examined the self - perceived leadership orientations of school board members from forty-one school boards using the Leadership Orientation Self Survey (LO(S)S. The data was analyzed to determine if there are multi-frame preferences by school boards and if so which of the four frames are most widely used amongst local boards in Mississippi. The results of the research were provided to the Mississippi School Boards Association and the National School Boards Association with the intent to inform both entities on how this research might inform training modules and policy development.



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