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Ed.D. in Education


Teacher Education

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Nichelle Robinson

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Ehtel Young-Minor

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Thea H. Williams-Black

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Davis and Neitzel (2010) and Patrick, Ryan, and Kaplan (2007) indicate that many students develop negative attitudes toward reading as they advance through school. Because students report that they enjoy independent reading time, providing this time to students in middle school is thought to be beneficial. Additional research is needed to determine whether providing independent reading time to middle school students using a range of texts will influence attitudes toward reading. The purpose of this study was to determine seventh grade students' attitudes toward reading who participate in sustained silent reading (SSR). A secondary purpose was to determine if their reading attitudes impact their reading achievement. Quantitative data was collected for this study; the study employed a quasi-experimental design. Results shothere was no significant difference in students' attitudes, reading achievement, or home literacy scores before and after treatment. Results also shothere was no significant relationship between students' scores and teachers' positive and negative log comments.



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