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Ph.D. in Education


Teacher Education

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Rosemary Oliphant-Ingham

Second Advisor

Sarah Platt

Third Advisor

Phillis George

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This quasi-experimental explanatory sequential mixed-methods study examined the impact of a 25-hour professional development on English as a foreign language (L2) teachers’ sense of efficacy in writing instruction in the country of Georgia. It also explored the links between teachers’ beliefs about teaching writing, self-efficacies in instructional strategies, and the professional development. A convenience sampling technique was used to select teachers for participation in the professional development. The quantitative data was collected through the teacher efficacy scale. The qualitative methods in the form of semi-structured questions about efficacy were used to enhance the data by examining teachers’ perceptions of the influence of the program on their beliefs. The results of this study indicate that L2 teachers who attended the 25-hour professional development had higher self-efficacy in instructional ability, namely their ability to deal with students’ writing problems, teach writing skills, assess writing assignments’ difficulty level, and an efficacy in the belief that the amount that a student can learn in writing is related to the teacher’s qualification and knowledge. These findings were supported by the qualitative data which further enhanced understanding of the quantitative findings.



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