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Ph.D. in Education


Teacher Education

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Rosusan D. Bartee

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Ryan Niemeyer

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John Holleman

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Teaching and learning practices influence college and career readiness (CCR) as measured by newly implemented ComCore State Standards (CCSS) through next-generation assessments. This mixed-methods study examined different levels of technology access and integration on current CCR measurements in two rural North Mississippi school districts. The approach incorporated a causal-comparative design and an exploration of attitudes and perceptions about technology’s impact on college and career readiness. The study found statistical significance in differences of ACT® mean scores for the composite, English, reading and science assessments between the two school districts. The district with a one to one laptop learning environment demonstrated higher scores over the district with a limited or shared technology access and integration. Although there were significant differences found, small effect sizes and confidence levels suggest a need to further investigate to substantiate practical significance (Morgan et al., 2013). There was no statistical significance in ACT® mean math scores between the two districts. Qualitative exploration confirmed the quantitative findings expounding on perceptions and attitudes toward technology access and integration, technology implications on college and career readiness, and implications on standardized testing. This study provided pertinent and relevant information in regards to technology’s impact on teaching and learning in preparing today’s students with the knowledge and skills to be successful beyond high school in an ever-changing technology driven society.

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