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Ph.D. in Education


Leadership and Counselor Education

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Douglas R. Davis

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Mark J. Ortwein

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Charles L. Stevenson

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The members of the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians are the invisible heroes of Mississippi. Because of the limited attention placed on the Tribe in Mississippi high school social studies curriculum, and no course of study in any post-secondary institutions in the State, citizens who do not live in close proximity are oblivious to the Choctaws’ existence. Absent is any thought on Mississippi Choctaws deep, rich, background, as the original defenders of the State, or their feelings and contributions toward education. As such this work explored the history of the Mississippi Choctaw with emphasis on education using data collected from Tribal members' stories. The following study is a Native American Education History on the Creation of Choctaw Central High School, and its transition from a Bureau of Indian Affairs School to a school under local Tribal control. The lack of history written on the Mississippi Choctaw presents an opportunity to conduct quality research. Perceptions and ideas about these phenomena given by participants provide insight on the plight of the Mississippi Choctaws during their historical journey. Stories using oral history from in-depth interviews created a unique history that revealed important information about who the Mississippi Choctaw are, and their feelings about education.



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