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M.S. in Engineering Science


Electrical Engineering

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Ahmed A. Kishk

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Substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) is a rectangular dielectric-filled waveguide, which is synthesized in a planar substrate with arrays of metallic vias to realize bilateral side walls and its transitions with planar structures. These vias act as walls of the waveguide supporting current flow, thus allowing for waveguide mode propagation. Substrate integrated waveguide is suggested for low-loss, low-cost and high density integration applications. SIW preserves the advantages from both the traditional rectangular waveguide and microstrip for easy integration. It is used in designing passive circuits such as resonators, couplers, filters, power dividers, circulators, and antennas. Here, full wave analysis is used to design microwave components such as power dividers, T-junctions and right angle bends. Then a transmission line concept is used to construct a feeding network based on these components to speed up the design process. This concept is verified with full wave analysis. Co-simulation technique is investigated and implemented for the feeding network using these passive components resulting in reduced computation time. The response of the feeding network with the antennas such as an H-plane horn in an array environment is investigated. In the process, modified designs for the H-plane horn with a novel concept of a slot on the H-plane horn are achieved and used as elements for the linear arrays.


Emphasis: Electrical Engineering

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