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M.F.A. in Art


Art and Art History

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Matt Long

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Virginia Rougon Chavis

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Sheri Rieth

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Through use, pots can become an intimate part of daily ritual, special celebrations, or moments of stillness. Not only can they can act as vehicles that connect the user to the greater meanings of life, but they do so "under the radar," below conscious awareness. They perform their task, waiting to be noticed and enrich their user's life. I make pots in an attempt to connect to others through quiet, useful forms with beautiful, subdued surfaces. Part of my goal in making pots is to elevate moments of daily life, to augment the time spent consuming coffee, eating, or having a drink. Like the Buddhists and Stoics, I believe that each moment of life is precious and can only be fully lived through awareness or mindfulness—that our struggle for achievement needs to be balanced by quiet and reflective acceptance of self and situation. I grew up working in gardens, hunting and fishing, riding horses, and playing in the woods. My experience of nature as a place for work and play informs the work I make. Through form and surface, I indirectly reference garden rows, hayfields, Western landscapes, and the flora from my memories and surroundings. My use of color and line is an expression of the joy and reverence I feel for this world. My work translates my emotions rather than mimicking or representing these memories and visual scenes.


Emphasis: Ceramics

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Ceramic Arts Commons



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