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Passing Time

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M.F.A. in Art


Art and Art History

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Matt Long

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Ernest Forward

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Virginia Rougon Chavis

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In today’s fast paced world based around expedience and convenience, we often find ourselves lost in the hustle and bustle of daily life. While keeping up with our busy schedules it is hard to find those moments of pause in which we can regain our composure. The ceramic vessels in Passing Time are about those moments in between, like the space between musical notes they are essential to our understanding and being. This body of work represents the building and maintaining of relationships, the welcoming space of home and establishing invitation through the act of giving and sharing. I use functional, handmade, ceramic vessels to illustrate these ideas through groupings of like objects gathered around a shared theme. Tea sets, pitchers and cups and table settings symbolize family, friends and a sense of community. Each part has its own place, a home, within the wider scheme of the whole. I make handmade ceramic vessels because they have the ability to transcend the ordinary mass produced wares of industry. Certain qualities of form, surface and color are only achieved through a maker’s hands. These qualities offer the user time to sit with the piece and hopefully look at it deeper, beyond its utilitarian aspects. I extend the invitation to explore the work through those formal qualities, and through use, it is my hope that they can further the enjoyment of the user and become part of a conversation. The choices in surface and color reference memories of time spent outdoors with friends and taking in the beauty of nature. The memory of clay allows me to transfer those ideas into the work that I hope the user can connect to some of his/her own experiences. Our thoughts, ideas and experiences make up who we are, sharing them lets others learn more about us. Passing Time is the space where relationships and friendships can become more meaningful and intimately connected.


Emphasis: Ceramics

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Ceramic Arts Commons



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