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M.F.A. in Art


Art and Art History

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Sheri Rieth

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Josh Brinlee

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Eunika Rogers

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This series of abstracted landscapes is a visual representation of a challenge to step outside of my comfort zone. The paintings are an expression of emotions never before presented in the artist's work. The series expresses the visceral sensation of isolation, anger, and solace experienced throughout the creation of the work. The abstracted landscapes are an expression of the journey from anger and frustration to a path towards understanding and enlightenment. In the early stages, there were no tangible plans, just painting on tar-paper. The work then evolved to black and white latex paints built up over joint compound and painted on a tar-paper support. A knife was used to create the scratch marks and textural elements found throughout the series. Compositions were built up and destroyed until what the viewers sees before them was produced. Every piece was based on action and reaction relying on pure artistic instinct. The work naturally evolved. The titles for the paintings come from memories of places, or sensations that reoccur throughout the artist's life. Stylistic and aesthetic inspiration references the world of Abstract Expressionism and German Expressionism.


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