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M.A. in Journalism

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Samir Husni

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Nancy Dupont

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Kathleen Wickham

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The study examines the two editor-in-chiefs of Vogue magazine in recent history, Grace Mirabella and Anna Wintour, and the fashion content of the September issues of the magazine under their editorships. Fifteen September issues from each editor-in-chief were analyzed to understand how the September issue had evolved as well as the development of fashion content in the magazine. The personal influences of Grace Mirabella and Anna Wintour respectively were found in the fashion content of the September issues. Vogue issues analyzed from Mirabella's editorship shoa concentration of fashion content on the functionality of clothing with a focus on American designers. The Vogue issues analyzed from Wintour's editorship had a fashion content concentrating on the combination of European and American designers, and a mixture of high and low-end fashion. This analysis shothe lack of celebrity in Vogue from Mirabella's editorship and the predominant feature of celebrity during Wintour's editorship. The findings of this study reveal that the personal taste and style of the respective editor-in-chiefs of Vogue influences and directs the fashion content of the magazine.


Track: Academic



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