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Ph.D. in Mathematics



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Haidong Wu

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Dawn Wilkins

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Qingying Bu

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The results of this dissertation consist of excluded-minor results for Binary Matroids and excluded-minor results for Regular Matroids. Structural theorems on the relationship between minors and k-sums of matroids are developed here in order to provide some of these characterizations. Chapter 2 of the dissertation contains excluded-minor results for Binary Matroids. The first main result of this dissertation is a characterization of the internally 4-connected binary matroids with no minor that is isomorphic to the cycle matroid of the prism+e graph. This characterization generalizes results of Mayhew and Royle [18] for binary matroids and results of Dirac [8] and Lovász [15] for graphs. The results of this chapter are then extended from the class of internally 4-connected matroids to the class of 3-connected matroids. Chapter 3 of the dissertation contains the second main result, a decomposition theorem for regular matroids without certain minors. This decomposition theorem is used to obtain excluded-minor results for Regular Matroids. Wagner, Lovász, Oxley, Ding, Liu, and others have characterized many classes of graphs that are H-free for graphs H with at most twelve edges (see [7]). We extend several of these excluded-minor characterizations to regular matroids in Chapter 3. We also provide characterizations of regular matroids excluding several graphic matroids such as the octahedron, cube, and the Möbius Ladder on eight vertices. Both theoretical and computer-aided proofs of the results of Chapters 2 and 3 are provided in this dissertation.

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