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Ph.D. in Music



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Alan L. Spurgeon

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Andrew Paney

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Whitney Webb

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The purpose of this study was to examine the perceived effectiveness of the leadership styles of music department chairs and the responses to the leadership styles by faculty. This study specifically investigated the leadership styles of music department chairs serving in public higher education institutions with NASM accredited music units in the states of Arkansas and Mississippi. The study examined the perceived types of leadership styles used by music department chairs and their relationship with music faculties' self-reported productivity as seen by faculty members within the department. The need for this study is to assist universities in recruiting and developing effective leaders as department chairs. This study used a descriptive correlation design. The data for this study were collected using the survey research approach to examine the perception of the leadership styles by faculty and the effect that style has on music faculty's self-reported productivity. The sample for this study consisted of one hundred and seventy-four (174) faculty members with non-administrative titles and full-time position appointment as senior professors and junior professors. Results from the summary of responses were presented in frequency counts and percentages among the ranks to describe the data. The Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire (MLQ) was analyzed using chi-square to determine if there were significant differences among the groups. The Spearman rho was used to determine if there was a relationship with music faculty perception of the chair's leadership and self-reported of productivity. Based upon the findings from the MLQ, senior and junior faculty was satisfied with the chair's leadership. In the chi- square findings, the analysis revealed that a significant difference was only found in two subscales, subscales one and eleven. The two subscales are Subscale One "Transformational: Idealized Influence" and Subscale Eleven "Outcomes of Leadership: Effeteness". The Spearman rho revealed that the there is a relationship with the chairs leadership and self-report of productivity from music faculty.


Emphasis: Music Education



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