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M.S. in Sport and Recreation Administration


Health, Exercise Science, and Recreation Management

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Nicholas Watanabe

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Kim R. Beason

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Cheng Yan

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To date, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) has undergone an excessive amount of reforms including topics such as student-athlete well-being, academics, enforcement, resource allocation, and so forth. However, despite the constant stream of policy reforms there has been a significant lack of effective reform initiatives with reference to the economic state of the NCAA. This void is partially due to the lack of sufficient empirical evidence surrounding the economic discussion of college athletics, specifically in regards to the discussion of the potential for performance based compensation for student-athletes. Past research for such compensation has focused primarily on large revenue producing sports such as football and men’s basketball (Brown, 1993; 2011; Brown & Jewell, 2006). However, by only examining two of the almost ninety NCAA recognized sports it has created a large gap in the literature necessary to examine things further. Considering this, the current research intends to expand the scope of the literature by using an econometrics approach to investigate the current state of the NCAA non-revenue producing sport of swimming. The research uses public NCAA economic revenue and expenditure reports from the years 2010-2016 to create a revenue function and conduct a multiple regression analysis. The attempt of such research is to determine the marginal revenue product (MRP) and economic value of a Division I swimmer. The final results find that there is a significant relationship between certain MRP determining variables on swim program revenue and expenses. However, not all variables in the revenue function are found to be significant thus it helps to open the door for future research to investigate the MRP of non-revenue generating sports to create a more elaborate picture of the true impact different variables can have on revenue and expenditures of NCAA athletic programs.



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