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M.S. in Pharmaceutical Science


Pharmacy Administration

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Alicia S. Bouldin

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David F. Gregory

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Meagen Rosenthal

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To examine the influence of Fear of Missing Out (FoMO) on student pharmacists when making postgraduate career decisions, including whether to pursue a residency. Data collection involved survey self-report (mixed mode approach) among student pharmacists (P2-P4) at four participating universities, to identify postgraduate residency intentions as well as the motivators and barriers associated with this choice. The survey included a 14-item FoMO scale designed to examine the influence of this factor in the residency decision. 42% indicated an intention to pursue residency training; the desire to gain experience was identified as the main motivating factor driving this decision. Other important motivating factors included anticipated job satisfaction, the desire to gain knowledge and specialized training, and the desire for a competitive advantage in the job market. Of the 58% of students indicating no intention to pursue a residency, the most influential barrier was availability of an existing job that did not require extra training. Other barriers included the delay of full-pharmacist salary, student loan debt, and pharmacy school burnout. When considering the influence of FoMO, results indicate that the phenomenon is present in this educational setting, with mean FoMO scores higher among student pharmacists in the second year of the curriculum. Additionally, FoMO score was used as a predictor variable and shothat as FoMO score increases, so does the odds of a student intending to pursue a residency (OR=2.62) This study identified additional motivators and barriers to residency training, beyond those examined in previous research. One such influencing factor is FoMO, although more research and scale refinement is needed in future studies to better identify the impact of this phenomenon on career choice in this population.


Emphasis: Pharmacy Administration



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