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M.S. in Physics


Physics and Astronomy

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Breese Quinn

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Joseph R. Gladden

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Donald Summers

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In this paper we present the status of the measurement of angular distributions of final state electrons in ppbar → γ*/Z → e+ e− + X events produced in the Z boson mass region at square root of center of mass energy of 1.96 TeV at the Tevatron. For this analysis, we have used the Run IIb2 dataset collected with the DΦ detector. The angular distributions as a function of the transverse momentum of the electron-positron pair are studied, and the Lam-Tung relation, valid only for a spin-1 description of the gluon is investigated. The final result will also describe the details of the production mechanism of Z bosons via quark anti-quark annihilation or quark-gluon Compton scattering.

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