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Storm Spotting and Amateur Radio: a Field Guide for Volunteer Storm Spotters

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M.C.J. in Criminal Justice

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Michael Wigginton

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Douglass Sullivan-Gonzalez

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Stephen Mallory


Volunteers have played a critical part in relaying weather information since the middle 19th century. The effort of these volunteers has helped safeguard life and property when severe weather threatens. For almost 100 years Amateur Radio operators have played a critical part in severe weather preparedness and response. Amateur Radio operators not only bring a willingness to serve, but communications skills that provide an added benefit to any storm spotter program. The National Weather Service recognized this when developing the SKYWARN program during the 1960’s. Amateur Radio and the National Weather Service have developed over the last 40 years a solid relationship that has been beneficial to communities across the country that face the threat of severe weather. This project, the first of its kind, seeks to gather information together that will help better prepare Amateur Radio operators that serve as volunteer storm spotters.

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