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M.A. in Psychology

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Karen A. Christoff

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John Young

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Karen K. Kellum

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Video Self-Modeling (VSM) has shown to be an effective intervention in modifying maladaptive behaviors in children, particularly those with Intellectual and/or Developmental Disabilities (ID/DD). Although the effectiveness of VSM with children with ID/DD has been well established in the extant literature, considerably fewer studies have addressed the applicability of VSM with adults of the same population. Thus, the goal of the current study was to examine the utility of VSM with three adults with ID/DD, specifically targeting table manners as the behavior of interest for the intervention. Two aspects of table manners were measured utilizing a multiple baseline design: food spillage on the person and appropriate napkin use. Data were graphed and analyzed on the basis of level, trend, and variability. Results indicated that the intervention was successful with Participant 2 on the appropriate napkin use variable, but not on food spillage on the person. Participants 1 and 3 did not evidence significant changes in behavior following the introduction of the VSM intervention. Possible reasons for the limited success of this intervention include the complexity of the target behaviors, age of participants at age of intervention, and lack of changes in environment to reinforce learning gained from videos. Future research should examine possible limits of the VSM technique as well as ways of utilizing the VSM procedure to function most effectively with older adults.


Clinical Psychology



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