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The Modern Ontological Argument: in Which the Position of Alvin Plantinga Is Refuted

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M.A. in Philosophy

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Steven Skultety

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Robert W. Barnard

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Robert B. Westmoreland


In this work, I set out to accomplish three tasks. First, I hope to educate those who may be unfamiliar with the philosophy of religion, by presenting to them rough outlines of positions commonly assumed by logically minded spokespersons for atheism and theism, respectively. Second, I introduce and explicate the work of Alvin Plantinga—a prominent proponent of theistic belief—and in such a way that it may be clearly understood even by those without prior experience of modal logic. Finally, I adopt a polemical stance against Plantinga, and reach the following conclusion: Contrary to Plantinga's assertions, and given the modal framework he adopts, we do not yet have reason to believe that one may rationally accept the existence of the Christian God.

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