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Ph.D. in Business Administration



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Richard J. Gentry

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Victoria Dickinson

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Maria Gondo

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Despite increasing interest in managerial reputation, little research in the management field has attempted to theorize and empirically examine reputation as a dynamic construct. This paper synthesizes prior reputation literature across disciplines to develop a model of reputation change. Using the context of executive termination it is hypothesized that the same managerial outcome (i.e. termination) carries varied meaning to stakeholders depending on the actions leading to and reason for termination and such meaning impacts the level of executive reputation decline and repair. Additionally, drawing on four established theoretical mechanisms in the reputation literature it is hypothesized that various traits, relationships, performance signals, and repudiation activities also influence the reputation repair of executives. Using survival analysis and a sample of 487 CEO terminations, results suggest the strongest influence on reputation repair to be executive traits and relational ties.


Emphasis: Management



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