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M.S. in Engineering Science


Chemical Engineering

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John O'Haver

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Paul Scovazzo

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Peter C. Sukanek

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Admicellar polymerization using sodium dodecylsulfate (SDS) template to form ultrafilm polystyrene on commercial calcium carbonate (CaCO3 ) of various particle sizes was studied. Adsorption isotherms of SDS decrease after the critical micelle concentration (CMC) of SDS was observed. This is explained by the phase behavior of SDS with calcium ion. The solubility product constants (Ksp) for calcium dodecylsulfate (Ca(DS) 2) were calculated as 1.55x10?9M3 at 30°C and 8.58x10?9M3 at 50°C. At SDS concentrations above the CMC, precipitation of Ca(DS)2 was governed by the critical ratio of calcium ion concentration bound onto anionic micelles which was 0.22 at 30°C and 0.20 at 50°C. It was estimated that precipitates of Ca(DS)2 formed between 5.12 to 6.85x10 ?3M SDS at 30°C. Adsolubilization of styrene and partition coefficient (Kadm) data shoinitial partitioning of styrene at the core and only at higher concentrations in the palisade layer. However, no observation of polystyrene ultrathin films was observed using Fourier Transform Infra-red (FTIR) or Tapping mode Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM). Nevertheless, application testing of low-polymer content admicellar polymerized CaCO 3 in drilling fluids shoincrease in mud viscosity and yield point with improved fluid loss control.


Emphasis: Chemical Engineering



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