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M.S. in Engineering Science


Computer and Information Science

First Advisor

Philip J. Rhodes

Second Advisor

Byunghyun Jang

Third Advisor

Feng Wang

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This thesis explores the effectiveness of blockchain technology for advertisement of scientific data. Recently the advancement in hardware and software for data processing increases the supply and demand for huge data sets. Such data may be widely distributed, and not immediately available to the scientists who need it. We need a method of advertising available datasets to interested parties. Blockchains are a recent innovation developed by the cryptocurrency community, but are increasingly applied to other problem domains. Due to their currency heritage, however, the properties of blockchains do not always lend themselves to new applications. We have developed a prototype dapp (distributed application) to advertise available scientific datasets using metadata. A private ethereum blockchain is used to distribute metadata to users, while an ethereum contract matches dataset providers with consumers. Lastly, a conceptual currency is used to incentivize efficient resource selection.


Emphasis: Computer Science



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