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Ed.S. in Curriculum and Instruction


Teacher Education

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Jerilou Moore

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Sidney T. Rowland

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Kaye Pepper

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Abstract: over the last decade the mandated "push" for full inclusion has changed the dynamics of our general education classrooms to the extent that our general education teachers do not feel adequately prepared to teach. The lack of preparation may affect the pre-service teachers' attitude and perception of students with disabilities in a general education classroom. The limited research in this area prompted this study. The purpose of this quantitative, cross-sectional study was to investigate how the perceptions and attitudes of inclusion and teacher efficacy differ from preservice teacher candidates to first year teachers. Preservice teacher candidates (n=40) and first year teachers (n=51) were students or graduates of one university in southeastern United States. The results were determined by using a variety of statistical testing including a one sample t-test, Pearson correlation coefficient, and a one-way anova. The findings indicate that preservice teachers and first year teachers believe in having students with disabilities included in their classrooms, but that belief doesn't extend to being able to manage behavior. It also indicated that self-efficacy is consistent in student teacher candidates and first year teachers, but teacher efficacy is higher in student teacher candidates, with teacher efficacy dropping during the first year of teaching.



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