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M.S. in Engineering Science


Electrical Engineering

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Mustafa Matalgah

Second Advisor

Lei Cao

Third Advisor

Ramanarayanan Viswanathan

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Given the broad range of applications supported, high data rate required and low latency promised; dynamic radio resource management is becoming vital for newly emerging air interface technologies such as wireless interoperability for microwave access (Wimax) and long term evolution (lte) adopted by international standards. This thesis considers orthogonal frequency division multiple access (ofdma) system, which has been implemented in both Wimax and lte technologies as their air interface multiple access mechanism. A framework for optimized resource allocation with quality of service (qos) support that aims to balance between service provider's revenue and subscriber's satisfaction is proposed. A cross-layer optimization design for subchannel, for Wimax, and physical resource block (prb), for lte, and power allocations with the objective of maximizing the capacity (in bits/symbol/hz) subject to fairness parameters and qos requirements as constraints is presented. An adaptive modulation and coding (amc)-based cross-layer scheme has also been proposed in this thesis by adopting an amc scheme together with the cross-layer scheme to realize a more practical and viable resource allocation. The optimization does not only consider users channel conditions but also queue status of each user as well as different qos requirements. In the proposed framework, the problem of power allocation is solved analytically while the subchannel/prb allocation is solved using integer programming exhaustive search. The simulation and numerical results obtained in this thesis have shown improved system performance as compared to other optimization schemes known in literature.


Emphasis: Electrical Engineering



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