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M.S. in Engineering Science


Electrical Engineering

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Lei Cao

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Ramanarayanan Viswanathan

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John N. Daigle

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This thesis is focused on providing unequal error protection (uep) to two disjoint sources which are communicating to a comdestination via a comrelay by using distributed lt codes over a binary erasure channel (bec), and designing fountain codes with error control property by integrating lt codes with turbo codes over a binary input additive white gaussian noise (bi-awgn) channel. A simple yet efficient technique for decomposing the rsd into two entirely different degree distributions is developed and presented in this thesis. These two distributions are used to encode data symbols at the sources and the encoded symbols from the sources are selectively xored at the relay based on a suitable relay operation before the combined codeword is transmitted to the destination. By doing so, it is shown that the uep can be provided to these sources. The performance of lt codes over the awgn channel is well studied and presented in this thesis which indicates that these codes have weak error correction ability over the channel. But, errors introduced into individual symbols during the transmission of information over noisy channels need correction by some error correcting codes. Since it is found that lt codes alone are weak at correcting those errors, lt codes are integrated with turbo codes which are good error correcting codes. Therefore, the source data (symbols) are at first turbo encoded and then lt encoded and transmitted over the awgn channel. When the corrupted encoded symbols are received at receiver, lt decoding is conducted folloby turbo decoding. The overall performance of the integrated system is studied and presented in this thesis, which suggests that the errors left after lt decoding can be corrected to some extent by turbo decoder.


Emphasis: Electrical Engineering

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