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Fancher family film: reel 8. Untitled


Fancher Family




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Family gathering at house, kids playing, and cat; Scenes of the outdoors, birds, and water; People gathered in the kitchen and throughout the house, young people dressed formally, Coca-Cola bottle, woman has a diploma or award, young girl in the kitchen; Man with large bottles of soda at a picnic table at campgrounds, automobiles; Woman and kids looking at a washboard, shots of an amusement park, a water ride, sign for Silver Mine ride, waiting for train ride, Frisco train, views from aboard the train, Windrift Hotel sign, small wooden house, views from the mountains, shots of the amusement park, Wells Fargo buggy ride, shots of boat ride, kids pose in a buggy, little girl picks her nose, a group of singers and musicians, hillbilly character carrying a Pepsi crate, three girls dancing in costume, band playing folk instruments, song and dance routines; Driving by a large dam, shots of fish in the water, Missouri Conservation Commission sign; Shots of the water and the dam from the passenger seat, Table Rock sign, Camping signs for Fall Creek Trout Deck, Sewer Hook-Ups Water-Electricity sign, view from the mountain, shots of the road, Dogpatch U.S.A. Cavern and Fun Land sign; Lots of kids in bathing suits playing in the water, campers and automobiles; Shots of fish, pigs, magic trick involving a chicken and a bunny rabbit, children petting animals, paddle boat rides on a small lake, small wooden houses, small train ride, riding donkeys, small rollercoaster and other amusement park rides, kids posing with a blonde woman in character, a skit is performed in the streets, shots of the water, a large slide, a carousel; Shouts of the landscape, shots of the road and landscape from inside the car, feet out the window; Leader; Black and white footage inside a gentlemen's club, vaudeville style musicians, singing, and dancing, shots of women's legs, tap dancing, woman doing the splits and aerobics, women singing and dancing, men in the audience, man acting drunk stumbling on stage, more vaudeville-style numbers, belly dancers, women shaking their breasts, topless woman dancing on stage, men in attendance, woman behind a curtain

Subject Headings (Library of Congress)

Amateur films; Families; Vacations

Relational Format

video recording



Original Format

8mm (photographic film size)

Original Collection

Home Movie Collection (MUM00709), Archives and Special Collections, University of Mississippi Libraries.


In Copyright;


B-wind reversal original. Mostly Kodachrome color stock with 1968 date code. Last 50 feet is B+W with possible 1955 Kodak date code. Occasional perforation damage causes jumpiness. Moisture damage visible near head. Some dirt in gate. Tramlines at right edge. Very dark, grainy images in B+W section.

A complete shot list is attached below as an additional file.

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Shot List

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