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Gary family film: reel 2. Horses, Yard, Family, Friends; Cot. Carnival, School, Etc., Nina LeLouis; Jane, Camp; Football; Elmo Tom, Shel; Tom; M.L. Family, M.M. James; Beck, WAC's; Dad in L.A.; Warner III; West Trip; Load Car; Bremerton


Gary Family




Some of the images and language that appear in the digital collections depict prejudices that are not condoned by the University of Mississippi. This content is being presented as historical documentation to aid in the understanding of both American history and the history of the University of Mississippi. The University Creed speaks to our current deeply held values, and the availability of this content should not be taken as an endorsement of previous attitudes or behavior.


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Man on horseback, automobile in background; young woman getting on horse and riding off; footage of horse and pony; woman riding on horseback and pony running beside her; horse and pony together; pony and dog; shot of yard, house, and flowers; panning shots of large yard, flowers, trees, lawn furniture; woman walking through yard and garden; woman straddling fence; African American woman with apron; pony looking at parrot in cage, lawn chairs and furniture in background; small black dog; automobile, man driving in reverse and smoking cigarette, man parking and inspecting automobile, man applying rag to automobile; woman in automobile driving off then back in reverse, woman posing beside automobile; young women with dogs, young women holding hands, young women sitting at picnic table; older man, older woman, young adults, and young girl exiting building to come outside, man picking up little girl, people getting together to pose for camera, woman sitting lawn chair smoking; parade in downtown area, large white float with beauty queen and two other girls in white dresses, mule pulling wagon with two girls in pink dresses, baton twirlers and marching band, large Thanksgiving Day-themed float with girl, tractor with Wyoming sign pulling large float that looks like a hilltop with women on top, tractor with Georgia sign pulling large white float with pink flowers and women in white dresses next to large basket filled with fake peaches, large float with girls and woman standing in front of sun rays, Rhode Island Violet sign on tractor pulling float with young women in violet dresses and staircase, tractor with Florida Orange Blossom sign pulling float with women in white and orange dresses, Washington Rhododendron sign on tractor; young women in dresses, young women walking toward camera, young women holding hands and spinning in circles, automobiles, young woman walking down sidewalk, young women approaching camera, shot of large school building; group of young women goofing off, group of young men on the other side of them, guy carrying books; young woman walking on campus and looking to camera, people on bicycles, young men turning and looking to camera; young women at swimming pool, swimming cap, diving, swimming; young woman golfing, young African American caddy; young women in front of house, walking toward camera; young man exiting automobile and making a face at the camera, young woman stays at automobile; man is messing up hat, woman looks to camera, man throws hat into the air; woman walking around yard holding cigarette, dog; wide panning shot of mountainous landscape; young women at creek; dark footage of truck pulled over on side of road, automobile passes by; panning shot of close ups of the faces of the young women riding on the back of truck; young women dressed in white leotards and straw hats, young woman dancing while young women blow into glass bottles to make music; young girls blowing bubbles; young woman and younger girl playing tennis; young women with young girls at swimming pool learning to dive, bathing suits, swimming caps, young woman and girl walking toward camera; handmade Railroad Crossing sign and miniature train, young women and girls dressed up for mini carnival, glass bottles of Coca-Cola; Coca-Cola stand with signs, Georgia, Vanderbilt, V.M.I., Virginia, and Kentucky pennants; young woman applying lipstick, young woman hands her liquor bottle, she laughs and begins to sip from it when two young women interject immediately and take it from her; quick and shaky shot of automobiles parked outside of building and men and woman walking toward camera; scenes from football game, marching band performing, people chasing mascot in performance; two young men in uniform; dark footage of men in uniform walking with woman; footage of young woman with young man in uniform walking around garden and holding hands, man in uniform taking photograph of woman in garden; road trip footage, dark footage of landscape and traffic, billboards and trees, the ocean; baby with finger in mouth in stroller, chicken in the background; young woman holding baby for camera; toddlers picking flowers in garden; young woman with young girl and toddlers posing for camera; young girls with horse; young girls in dresses playing in yard with white picket fence; three young girls with small horse, African American man helps girl onto horse; girl riding horse on dirt road; young girls on small porch petting horse; woman and young woman posing for camera next to automobile, Pal Music Co. and Radio banners outside of building; Chevrolet logo on car, Lefore Miss. Plate; dark footage of house; close up of woman laughing; woman walking toward camera; women in uniform; woman in white uniform being photographed and waving to camera; two women in uniform, arm-in-arm walking down steps, one holding flowers; young women in uniform trying knock off each other's hats; large group of women in uniform exiting building and hurrying down steps; women in uniform in formation; four young women in uniform marching with U.S. flag and Fort Des Moines flag; young women in uniform standing in formation and marching; dark footage of conductor and military band; man in uniform, woman, and child in yard, older man, woman, and child looking at plants and flowers, child holding plush bunny rabbit, child running around yard, woman holding hands with child; panning shot of large yard and swimming pool; man in uniform, woman, and child walking together in large garden; woman and older man walking toward camera; panning shot of large crowd, man on horseback in background, people making their way to stadium; shot of bell and bell tower, close up shot of facade of old church; man in uniform and woman walking together; panning shot of the flowers; group of young African American boys sitting and lying on bench; little white girl in large lawn chair; young white and African American boys sitting together on bench; little white girl walking around yard, white man sitting in lawn chair, white and African American boys sitting on bench; African American man carrying Carnation Milk box, young African American woman, shots of little white girl and little African American boy together; man washing his car; man loading truck of car; wide shot of landscape and animal running in the background; Yellowstone National Park sign, small house with automobile parked in front, mountain in the background; panning shot of mountainous landscape and waterfall; man approaching small bear in the middle of the road as traffic continues on both sides, bear sitting outside of car window looking at driver, driver throws piece of food to bear; geyser at Yellowstone National Park, tourists watching and photographing geyser; footage from inside moving car of hills, trees, and snow; man, woman, and child in garden picking cherries, girl eating cherries, dog, girl feeding cherries to dog, two young women join; older man, young girl, and dog posing in front of house for camera, woman exiting house and coming down steps; quick shot of men, women, child, and dog in yard; young girl swinging; young girl playing fetch with dog, man swinging young girl around by her arms, girl jumping up and down

Subject Headings (Library of Congress)

Amateur films; Families; Horses; Parades; Vacations; Yellowstone National Park

Relational Format

video recording



Original Format

8mm (photographic film size)

Original Collection

Home Movie Collection (MUM00709), Archives and Special Collections, University of Mississippi Libraries.


In Copyright;


B-wind color reversal and B+W reversal. Color is Kodachrome stock. Occasional perforation damage and rough splices. Second half of reel is shrunken and buckling. 16 FPS.

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