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Spring 5-8-2020

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Undergraduate Thesis


Modern Languages

First Advisor

Felice Coles

Second Advisor

Luanne Buchanan

Third Advisor

Tamara Warhol

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This work examines the different Spanish dialects spoken by interpreters and their clients in public schools in Mississippi and whether dialectal mismatches hinder communication between interlocutors. To do this, I conducted a brief interview and survey of several interpreters for the Tupelo Public School District. The interview and survey assessed the interpreters’ personal use of Spanish dialects as well as their ability to identify certain dialects and opinions as to the relevance of dialects in their work. I found that interpreters, though aware of dialectal differences among Spanish speakers, were generally not able to identify specific dialects. Furthermore, I found that the majority did not believe that dialectal differences hindered communication with their clients. The results of this study suggested that speakers of different Spanish dialects most likely can communicate effectively within the context of public school interpreting.

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