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Spring 5-1-2021

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Undergraduate Thesis

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Jaime Harker

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Theresa Starkey

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Melissa Bass

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The LGBTQ+ has a long history in the United States, one that is fraught with fighting and conflict as well as celebration and humorous conversations. Given the nature of the movement for queer rights in America, a lot of our own history has been lost to time, or rewritten in a way that dishonors the truth of our own history. In order to understand where we are today and what the community must prepare to face going forward, a deeper analysis of our own history is required. The history of the queer movement in the United States presents a deeper understanding of what it means to construct a greater narrative, while trying to avoid misrepresentation and attempts to co-opt a movement. Through the redefining of LGBTQ+ history, we can unravel our own current position in the greater conversation and understand what the future fight will bring. Furthermore, understanding how the transgender community has contributed to this movement, as well as where the transgender community has been left out of this conversation, will help the current movement understand what to do in the fight for transgender rights that is currently taking place across the country.

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