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Throughout history, Basque nationalism has constantly been defined by a series of struggles to protect their unique culture and identity and by a reaction of the Basque people to resist outside change and influence. This thesis will identify, examine, and discuss both the causes and the effects of this sentiment, and also why and how it has developed the way that it has. There are a number of factors in which this struggle can be seen. They include the fight to protect the Basque region fi'om foreign invaders, the struggle to retain political autonomy within a larger group, and certain elements of modem Basque nationalism that seek to preserve each person’s definition of the Basque identity and nation. Today, differences in expression of Basque nationalism are displayed economically, linguistically, and culturally. There are many ways to define Basque nationalism, and at the same time there is right way to do so. Whether or not a person considers himself Basque depends solely on his own opinion. There is no absolute definition that anyone can give of what makes a person Basque.

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