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Spring 5-13-2023

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Undergraduate Thesis


Croft Institute for International Studies

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Antonia Eliason

Second Advisor

Joshua Hendrickson

Third Advisor

Oliver Dinius

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This changing nature of the Chinese government’s ideology leads one to believe that its core beliefs are not dogmatic, despite the foundation for their ideology being rooted in specific societal and economic theories. Starting with Mao Zedong to modern day, the Chinese government officials will continue to support the original tenets (and, no doubt, future presidents’ additions to the tenets). However, the interpretation of their ideology over time is fluid and is used to support policies and actions during a political cycle. Chinese political leaders are unlikely to disagree with a past leaders, and will rather use their own interpretation of their predecessors’ ideologies and rhetoric to move China forward.

This thesis proposes that during a Chinese leader’s time in office, their government rhetoric, more specifically political speeches, can be contradictory regarding policies and previous beliefs of past leaders. The content of speeches given by different Chinese government officials often contradict each other. At separate times, the speakers for the Chinese government maintain their support of the original tenets of Marxism, socialism, and later Maoism, but add their own theories for China’s progress, showing evolution of these tenets away from their original intended meaning.

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