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The following thesis contains a group of twelve accounting case studies that were completed between August 2016 and May 2017. The cases deal with a number of different accounting topics including depreciation, inventory valuation, formatting financial statements, the new revenue recognition standard, leases, using the Codification Research System, internal controls, stock-based compensation, and deferred income taxes. Each of these cases were picked to follow along with what was being taught in Intermediate Accounting at the time, and they were useful in building on the information I was already learning. The cases provided a different way of looking at each of the topics, and they took my understanding on those topics to a higher level. Each chapter that follows contains one case that is unrelated to any of the other ones, and they should be viewed independently. Even though they are unrelated, when the cases are put together they form a complete work that showcases the journey take over those ten months.

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