About This Journal

The primary goals of The Journal of Academic Underperformance include: :

(1) enhancing research and scholastic endeavors;

(2) exploring important policies that impact underperforming students and those who support them;

(3) promoting best practices among educators and those who work with underperforming students;

(4) sharing creative strategies for working with underperforming students;

The Editor of the JAU invites educators, practitioners, administrators, and counselors of all levels (Pre-K through12th grade, undergraduate 2-year institutions, undergraduate 4-year institutions, and graduate training programs) and graduate students to submit manuscripts that meet the qualifications below:

  • Research and Theory
  • Policy
  • Innovative Practices/Current Issues
  • Graduate Student Works
  • Research and Theory

    Manuscripts in this category must describe original research pertaining to underperforming students. Authors may submit works that are quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methods in nature.


    Manuscripts in this category involve original research pertaining to the policies that impact underperforming students.

    Innovative Practices/Current Issues

    Manuscripts in this category must provide thorough descriptions of techniques, strategies, skills, and activities that have been developed and/or implemented by those who work with underperforming students.

    Graduate Student Works

    Manuscripts in this area include original research submitted by students enrolled in graduate training programs.