Oral History Interviews


In the spring of 2021, Dr. Brian Foster, Assistant Professor of Sociology and Southern Studies at the University of Mississippi, taught Southern Studies 560, "Oral Histories of Southern Social Movements." After an invitation from Jeannie Thompson and Gloria High (both of Ecru, Mississippi), Dr. Foster's class, part of M Partner’s collaboration with the Town of Ecru, collected a series of oral histories focused on the life and art of M. B. Mayfield. The collection is a part of a broader effort to establish a museum and welcome center in Mayfield's honor. To help with the project, Dr. Foster paired students from his class with members of the Ecru community who had personally known M.B. Mayfield.



Afamasaga, John, John Reyer Afamasaga and Scott Mason

Cobb, Bennie, Bennie Cobb and Brian Foster

Davidson, Glen, Glen H. Davidson and Lillian Slaughter

Gammel, Betty, Betty Gammel, Charles Gammel, and Austin Lambert

High, Gloria, Gloria High and Brian Foster

Thompson, Jeannie, Jeannie Thompson and Lily-Pearl Benn

Ware, Shirley, Shirley Ware and Keon Burns