Overby Center for Southern Journalism and Politics

The mission of the Overby Center for Southern Journalism and Politics is to create better understanding of the media, politicians and the role of the First Amendment in our democracy. The center is funded through a $5 million grant from the Freedom Forum, a foundation dedicated to educating people about the importance of a free press and the First Amendment.

The Overby Center features programs, multimedia displays and writings that examine the complex relationships between the media and politicians — past, present and future — paying special attention to Southern perspectives.

Photo by Kevin Bain/Ole Miss Digital Imaging Services.



Richard Starmann, Scott Fiene and Richard Starmann

2012 North Mississippi Congressional Debate, Bill Rose, Alan Nunnelee, and Brad Morris

The Chinese Connection, Bill Rose, Chat Sue, Frieda Quon, Ruby Joe, and Martin F. Jue

The Lobbyists, Bill Rose, John Hall, Lee Sanders, and Joel Wood

RFK in the Delta, Revisited 2012, Ellen Meacham, Marian Wright Edelman, Owen Brooks, James Figgs, George Lapides, and Nick Kotz

A Force in their Community, Bill Jacobs, Luke Lampton, Jim Prince, and Deb Wenger

Endangered Species, Richard Howorth, John Evans, Emily Gatlin, and Jamie Kornegay

Minority Women in the Media, Imani Cheers, Deirdre Cooper Owens, Kirk Johnson, and Mark K. Dolan

Present at the Creation, Clarke Reed, Wirt Yerger, Mike Retzer, and Ebbie Spivey

Public Relations Power, Harold Burson, Leslie Westbrook, Mickey Brazeal, and Robin Street

Remembering Bill Raspberry, Milton Coleman, Ivy Lovelady, and Patricia Thompson

The Perfect Season, Glynn Griffing, Louis Guy, Chuck Morris, and Sam Owen

What Did We Learn: The Lessons from 1962, Charles W. Eagles

What is History Losing, Jennifer Ford, Jay Watson, John Neff, and Suzanne Marrs

Working in the Minority, Bobby Moak, Bryant Clark, Brandon Presley, and Charlie Mitchell


A Conversation with the Governor, Haley Barbour, Charlie Mitchell, and Curtis Wilkie

Democratic Gubernatorial Debate: Luckett vs. Dupree, Johnny DuPree, Bill Luckett, and Curtis Wilkie

Mississippi at 100 (1950s-60s), Various Speakers

Mississippi at 100 (1980s-present), Various Speakers

Mississippi at 100 (keynote), Various Speakers

Opening the Closed Society, Gerald W. Walton, Ed Williams, Daniel W. Jones, and Daniel P. Jordan

Remembering 9-11 Through Media Eyes, Wilson Lowrey, Carl Jensen, and Matthew Hall

The Freedom Forum: From Rosslyn to Timbuktu to Pennsylvania Avenue, Chris Wells, Pam Galloway-Tabb, Jerry Sass, and Jack Hurley


Simeon Wright, Simeon Wright, Mark K. Dolan, Bill Rose, and W. C. Shoemaker

2010 1st Mississippi District Congressional Debate, Alan Nunnelee, Travis Childers, and Curtis Wilkie

PR Crises, Karen Hinton, Lee Ragland, Curtis Wilkie, and Robin Street

Covering the Death of Elvis, Charles Overby, Curtis Wilkie, Susan Bennett, Angus McEachran, and Bill Rose

Fighting Government Obstruction, Charlie Mitchell, David Hampton, Tom Hood, and Leonard Van Slyke


2008 Mississippi 1st Congressional District Forum, Jonathan Scott, Greg Davis, and Travis Childers