Porter L. Fortune, Jr. Symposium


The Porter L. Fortune, Jr., History Symposium began as a conference on southern history in 1975. In 1983, it was named for Porter L. Fortune, Jr., chancellor emeritus, to honor his contributions to the success of the symposium. Past events have examined topics such as religion in the South, medicine and technology in the Civil War, women’s history, and the place of the United States South in the World.

The conference is held annually. It is a three day event that is free of charge and open to the general public.

Information about previous symposia can be found at this link.

Browse the contents of Porter L. Fortune, Jr. Symposium:

2019: The Construction of Racial Slavery in the Atlantic World
1999: The Role of Ideas in the Civil Rights-Era South
1998: Early Social History of the Southeastern Indians, 1526-1715
1997: Gender and the Southern Body Politic
1996: The South in the Caribbean
1994: Is There a Southern Political Tradition?
1993: The New Regionalism
1991: W. J. Cash's The Mind of the South, After Fifty Years
1988: War and Southern Society
1986: Society in the Colonial South
1984: Religion in the South
1982: Sex, Race and the Role of Women in the South
1981: The Confederacy, The Old South in the Crucible of War
1980: The Indian Experience in the Southeast
1979: When the South Was West, The Old Southwest, 1780-1840
1978: Have We Overcome? Relations Since Brown
1977: Race Relations in the South, 1890-1945
1976: What was Freedom's Price?
1975: The Slave Experience in America, a Bicentennial