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Pridgeon, Malik

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In this interview, Malik Pridgeon shares his journey as a Black Queer student at the University of Mississippi (UM). The founder of the student club, Queer People of Color (QPoC), Pridgeon served as an active student leader from 2014-2018. He discusses the creation of QPoC, recruiting membership for the club, and programming and initiatives attended to educate the campus community about LGBTQ+ issues, such as a Transgender Die-In protest which was intended to bring awareness to violence against Trangender people. Despite challenges, as a student, Pridgeon was committed to being an advocate for the health and safety of all students at UM. In collaboration with the Center for Inclusion and Cross-Cultural Engagement, Pridgeon’s work had a significant impact on pushing the University to meet the needs of LGBTQ+ students of color.

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