Southern Documentary Project (SouthDocs)

Southern Documentary Project (SouthDocs)


The Southern Documentary Project produces works of documentary storytelling from the perspective of studying the American South.

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8 mins 46 sec / Eight minutes, forty-six seconds, Tyler Yarborough and John Rash


At the Root, Andrea Morales

Camille: The Original Monster Storm, Rex Jones

Negro Terror, John Rash

The Encyclopedia of Southern Culture: Thirty Years Later, University of Mississippi. Center for the Study of Southern Culture and University of Mississippi. Southern Documentary Project


Nomad Chapter, John Rash


Flag Flap Over Mississippi, Rex Jones

Walking Tall in Tchula, Rex Jones


Brothers: Barbers reaching out to help educate on routine screenings, Rex Jones

Mississippi Mosque, Matthew Graves

Sing Thee to Thy Rest: Ole Miss Opera in the Czech Republic, Matthew Graves


Bury the Show, Matthew Graves

La Frontera, Rex Jones

Longleaf: the Heart of Pine, Rex Jones

Shake 'em on down: the Blues according to Fred McDowell, Joe York and Scott Barretta


A Time to All Things, Rex Jones

Holding Hands, Karen Tuttle

Pride and Joy, Joe York

Rebels: James Meredith and the integration of Ole Miss, Matthew Graves

The Toughest Job: William Winter's Mississippi, Matthew Graves


A Representative of Myself, Rex Jones

Beautiful Jim, Rex Jones

I Have to Write, Karen Tuttle

Lecile, Rex Jones

Penny a Pound, John Egerton and Rex Jones

Size Don't Matter, Rex Jones

Ten, Joe York


Beale, Blues and Barbecue: the Origins of Memphis in May, Rex Jones

Cabin 25, Rex Jones

Cherish the Music, Rex Jones

Crucifixions Must Have Witnesses, Rex Jones

Cured, Joe York

Extraordinary Results in Ordinary Communities, University of Mississippi. Southern Documentary Project.

I Can't Afford to Fumble the Ball, Rex Jones

So Wonderfully Connected, Rex Jones

The Legacy of James Meredith, Ole Miss Alumni Association and University of Mississippi. Media and Documentary Projects

Who Needs the Most Help, Rex Jones


Bertha's, Joe York

Bowen's Island, Joe York

Carolina Grist, Joe York

Giving Thanks in Awendaw, Joe York

Goat, Joe York

Mississippi Innocence, Joe York

Restoration of the L.Q.C. Lamar House, University of Mississippi. Southern Documentary Project.

Ride That Pig to Glory, Joe York


Makin' Do, Elizabeth Anne Payne,1943-

The Debate Starts Here, Matthew Graves

When We Were Extras, Joe York


Feeding the Soul at Jones Valley Urban Farm, Matthew Graves

Sorry We're Open, Joe York

The Rise of Southern Cheese, Matthew Graves


John Lewis UM Civil Rights Monument Dedication Speech, John Lewis