Proceedings of the annual meeting of the Southern Anthropological Society

Previous Meetings and Proceedings

The first meeting of the Southern Anthropological Society was held in New Orleans on April 8, 1966. The first volume of Proceedings was published in 1967 after the second conference by the University of Georgia Press, which continued to publish them through Volume 38.

Proceedings: No. 1 (1968): Essays on medical anthropology. Thomas Weaver, editor; Meeting: March 30-April 1, 1967 in Atlanta, GA. Joint meeting with Southern Sociological Society.

Proceedings: No. 2 (1968): Urban anthropology; research perspectives and strategies. Elizabeth M. Eddy, editor; Meeting: Spring 1968 in Gainesville, FL.

Proceedings: No. 3 (1969): Concepts and assumptions in contemporary anthropology. Stephen A. Tyler editor; Meeting: 1969, New Orleans, LA. Joint meeting with the American Ethnological Society.

Proceedings: No. 4 (1971): The Not So Solid South: Anthropological Studies in a Regional Subculture. J. Kenneth Morland, editor; Meeting: 1969. Joint meeting with the American Anthropological Association and a conference sponsored by the Center for Southern Studies at Duke University.

Proceedings: No. 5 (1971): Red, white, and Black. Charles M. Hudson, editor; Meeting: 1970.

Proceedings: No. 6 (1972): Aspects of cultural change. Joseph B. Aceves, editor; Meeting: April 1-3, 1971 in Dallas, TX.

Proceedings: No. 7 (1973): Anthropology beyond the university. Alden Redfield, editor; Meeting: February 24-26, 1972 in Columbia, MO.

Proceedings: No. 8 (1974): Social and cultural identity: problems of persistence and change. Thomas K. Fitzgerald, editor; Meeting: March 8-10, 1973. Wrightsville Beach, NC. Joint meeting with the American Ethnological Society.

Proceedings: No. 9 (1975): Symbols and society: essays on belief systems in action. Carole E. Hill, editor; Meeting: April 4-6, 1974. Blacksburg, VA.

Proceedings: No. 10 (1976): Do applied anthropologists apply anthropology? Michael V. Angrosino, editor; Meeting: April 3-5, 1975 in Clearwater Beach, FL.

Proceedings: No. 11 (1977): Biocultural adaptation in prehistoric America. Robert L. Blakely, editor; Meeting: April 1976 in Atlanta, GA.

Proceedings: No. 12 (1978): Interethnic communication. E. Lamar Ross, editor; Meeting: March 1977 in Miami, FL.

Proceedings: No. 13 (1980): Predicting sociocultural change. Susan Abbott and John van Willigen, editors; Meeting: March 1978 in Lexington, KY.

Proceedings: No. 14 (1980): Cities in a larger context. Thomas W. Collins, editor; Meeting: February 1979 in Memphis, TN.

Proceedings: No. 15 (1982): Holding on to the land and the Lord: Kinship, ritual, land tenure, and social policy in the rural South. Robert L. Hall and Carol B. Stack, editors; Meeting: March 21, 1980 in Louisville, KY.

Proceedings: No. 16 (1983): Bilingualism, social issues and policy implications. Andrew W. Miracle, Jr., editor; Meeting: April 1981 in Fort Worth, TX.

Proceedings: No. 17 (1984): Cultural adaptation to mountain environments. Patricia D. Beaver and Burton L. Purrington, editors; Meeting: 1982, Boone, NC.

Proceedings: No. 18 (1986): Burden of being civilized : an anthropological perspective on the discontents of civilization. Miles Richardson and Malcolm C. Webb, editors; Meeting: February 12-14, 1983 in Baton Rouge, LA.

Proceedings: No. 19 (1986): Current health policy issues and alternatives : an applied social science perspective. Carole E. Hill, editor; Meeting: 1984, Atlanta, GA.

Proceedings: No. 20 (1987): Visions and revisions : ethnohistoric perspectives on southern cultures. George Sabo III and William M. Schneider, editors; Meeting: 1985, Fayetteville, AR.

Proceedings: No. 21 (1988): Sea and land : cultural and biological adaptations in the southern coastal plain. James L. Peacock and James C. Sabella, editors; Meeting: 1986, Wrightsville Beach, NC.

Proceedings: No. 22 (1989): Women in the South : an anthropological perspective. Holly F. Mathews, editor; Meeting: 1987, Atlanta, GA.

Proceedings: No. 23 (1990): Cultural heritage conservation in the American South. Benita J. Howell, editor; Meeting: 1988, Tampa, FL.

Proceedings: No. 24 (1991): Anthropology and food policy: human dimensions of food policy in Africa and Latin America. Della E. McMillan, editor, with the assistance of Jeanne Harlow; Meeting: 1989, Atlanta, GA.

Proceedings: No. 25 (1992): African Americans in the South: issues of race, class, and gender. Hans A. Baer and Yvonne Jones, editors; Meeting: 1990, Atlanta, GA.

Proceedings: No. 26 (1993): Images of the South: constructing a regional culture on film and video. Karl G. Heider, editor; Meeting: 1991, Columbia, SC.

Proceedings: No. 27 (1994): Perspectives on the Southeast: linguistics, archaeology, and ethnohistory. Patricia B. Kwachka, editor; Meeting: 1992, St Augustine, FL.

Proceedings: No. 28 (1995): Religion in the contemporary South : diversity, community, and identity. O. Kendall White, Jr. and Daryl White, editors; Meeting: 1993, Raleigh, NC.

Proceedings: No. 29 (1996): Anthropological contributions to conflict resolution. Alvin W. Wolfe and Honggang Yang, editors; Meeting: 1994, Atlanta, GA.

Proceedings: No. 30 (1997): Practicing anthropology in the South. James M. Tim Wallace, editor; Meeting: 1995, Memphis, TN.

Proceedings: No. 31 (1998): Cultural diversity in the U.S. South : anthropological contributions to a region in transition. Carole E. Hill and Patricia D. Beaver, editors; Meeting: 1996, Baton Rouge, LA.

Proceedings: No. 32 (1999): Culture, biology, and sexuality. David N. Suggs and Andrew W. Miracle, editors; Meeting: 1997, Memphis, TN.

Proceedings: No. 33 (2000): Communities and capital : local struggles against corporate power and privatization. Thomas W. Collins and John D. Wingard, editors; Meeting: 1998 Wilmington, NC. Theme: Communities and Capital: Local Struggles against Corporate Power and Privatization

Proceedings: No. 34 (2001): Latino workers in the contemporary South. Arthur D. Murphy, Colleen Blanchard, and Jennifer A. Hill, editors; Meeting: 1999, Decatur, GA. Theme: Latino Workers in the Contemporary South

Proceedings: No. 35 (2002): Southern Indians and anthropologists: culture, politics, and identity. Lisa J. Lefler and Frederic W. Gleach, editors; Meeting: 2000, Mobile, AL. Theme: Southern Indians and Anthropologists: culture, politics, and identity

Proceedings: No. 36 (2003): Signifying serpents and Mardi Gras runners: representing identity in selected Souths. Celeste Ray and Luke Eric Lassiter, editors; Meeting: March 2001, Nashville, TN. Theme: Contested Identities and Regional Memories: Public Display and Ethnic Heritage Festival in the American South.

Proceedings: No. 37 (2004): Linguistic diversity in the South: changing codes, practices, and ideology. Margaret Bender, editor; Meeting: 2002, Asheville, NC. Theme: Linguistic Diversity in the South

Proceedings: No. 38 (2006): Caribbean and Southern: transnational perspectives on the U.S. South. Helen A. Regis, editor; Meeting: 2003 Baton Rouge, LA. Theme: Caribbean and Southern: Transnational Perspectives on the U.S. South

Special Volume (2005): Culture, Ethnicity, And Justice In The South : The Southern Anthropological Society, 1968-1971. Miles Richardson, editor.

Volumes 39-46 were originally published by Newfound Press, a digital imprint of the University of Tennessee Libraries.


  • 2004, Decatur, GA. Theme: Globalization and the Evolution of Emerging Disease
  • March 2005, Chattanooga, TN. Theme: Sustaining and Reimagining Community in a Global World.
  • February 2006, Pensacola, FL.

Proceedings: No. 39 (2011): Museums and Memory. Margaret Williamson Huber, editor; Meeting:March 13-16, 2008 Staunton, VA. Theme: Memory and Museums.

Proceedings: No. 40 (2012): Building Bridges in Anthropology. Robert Shanafelt, editor; Meeting: February 18-20, 2010 in Savannah, GA. Theme: Ports, Hubs and Bridges: Key Links in Anthropological Theory and Practice.

Proceedings: No. 41: (2013): Southern Foodways and Culture. Lisa J. Lefler, editor; Meeting: 2007 Oxford, MS. Theme: Southern Cuisine and Southern Foodways

Proceedings: No. 42 (2013): The Art of Anthropology / The Anthropology of Art. Brandon D. Lundy, editor; Meeting: March 24-27, 2011 in Richmond, VA. Theme: The Anthropology of Art/The Art of Anthropology.

Meeting: March 15-17, 2012 Birmingham, AL. Theme: Peace, Justice, and the Environment (from an Anthropological perspective).

Proceedings: No. 43:(2015) Recovery, Renewal, Reclaiming: Anthropological Research toward Healing. Lindsey King, editor; Meeting: March 7-10, 2013 in Johnson City, TN. Theme: Physical, Spiritual, Social, and Environmental HEALING.

Meeting: April 9-11, 2015 Athens, GA. Theme: Anthropology Past, Present, and Future: Fifty years of traditions and transitions in the Southeast.

Proceedings: No. 44: (2020) Reinventing and Reinvesting in the Local for Our Common Good. Brian Hooey, editor; Meeting: April 7-9, in 2016 Huntington, WV. Theme: Reinventing and Reinvesting in the Local for Our Common Good.

Proceedings: No. 45: (2020) Anthropology: Weaving Our Discipline with Community. Lisa J. Lefler, editor; Meeting: March 30-April 1, 2014 in Cherokee, NC. Theme: Weaving our Discipline with Community

Proceedings: No. 46: (2021) Ethnocentrism and its many guises. Marjorie M. Snipes, editor; Meeting: March 23-25, 2017 Carrollton, GA. Theme: Ethnocentrism in its Many Guises


  • April 19-21, 2018 in Chattanooga, TN. Theme: Innovations Through Anthropology: Connecting with Communities, Partners, Places, & Issues
  • 2019 Knoxville, TN. Theme: Intersections: Adversity, Identity, Perspectives. This meeting was postponed until 2020 in order to coincide with the biannual meeting of the University of Tennessee's Disaster, Displacement, and Human Rights program.
  • April 3-5, 2020 Knoxville, TN. Theme: Intersections: Adversity, Identity, Perspectives. The SAS cancelled this meeting due to public health concerns about COVID-19.
  • June 8-10, 2021 Virtual. Theme: Tales from the Storms.