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M.A. in Journalism

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Samir Husni

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Kathleen Wickham

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Nancy Dupont

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Currently, there is no voice or home for plus-sized women within the mainstream media. The media industry reflects and promotes an increasingly thin ideal, one that multiple studies have concluded is causing negatiVe self-perception and low self-esteem among young women nationwide. This is especially true for the full-figured woman, whom society tells that she is not skinny enough, and therefore not good enough. This thesis project sets out to prove the host of social benefits that could and would be offered as a result of the instatement of a mainstream women's interest magazine geared specifically towards young plus-sized women. To build a case for the necessity of such a magazine, a thorough description of the state of plus-sized living is provided, along with a review of all previous plus-sized publications. The knowledge gleaned from these studies, books, and magazines inform the ideas and motivations behind Zaftig, and help to build a solid strategic approach to sidestepping the mistakes that led to the ultimate failure of past plus-sized titles.



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