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M.A. in Anthropology

First Advisor

Tony Boudreaux

Second Advisor

Robbie Ethridge


University of Mississippi

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The Upper Tombigbee River Valley and the Black Prairie two adjacent physiographic regions located in northeast Mississippi are defined archaeologically by the existence of multiple single-mound sites with associated farmsteads or small habitation sites. This thesis is an analysis of mound-construction data and the ceramic assemblage excavated in 2017 from the Butler Mound Site (22LO500) a single-mound site located in Lowndes County Mississippi. The purpose of this thesis is to determine when construction of the Butler Mound occurred using mound-construction data ceramic analysis and radiocarbon dating. This thesis also seeks to understand how Butler and neighboring sites relate to one another spatially and temporally to further define Mississippian settlement patterning in northeast Mississippi and to contribute to the developing regional culture-chronology.



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