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Ph.D. in Business Administration

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Katerina K. Berezina

Second Advisor

Yunhee Y. Chang

Third Advisor

Tanya T. Ruetzler


University of Mississippi

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Firms are skeptical about what values travelers anticipate obtaining from a Virtual Reality (VR) experience in tourism, and the valuation of trade-offs they are willing to make. This scale development aimed to fill this gap in the literature by creating a scale that can capture the perceived value derived from a VR experience in tourism. This research study adhered to well-established, mainstream psychometric scale creation and validation methods as demonstrated by several authors. This study provides a key step in developing measurement theory related to the perceived value derived from a VR experience in tourism and identifies four value dimensions: 1) hedonic value, 2) immersion and presence, 3) ease of use, and 4) virtual environment. Simultaneously, its theoretical relationships help tourism practitioners that confront high competition in the industry look for answers on how to increase differentiation through value creation and increase sales and loyalty.





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