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Date of Award

Spring 5-13-2023

Document Type


Degree Name

Ph.D. in Second Language Studies


Modern Languages

First Advisor

Valentina B. Iepuri

Second Advisor

Donald L. Dyer

Third Advisor

Felice A. Coles

Fourth Advisor

Michael C. Raines


College of Liberal Arts

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The current dissertation is an attempt to determine and describe the characteristics of the process of linguistic integration of English noun loans into Russian and Kazakh. One of the main objectives that my study was guided by was the analysis of the relationships between or across the linguistic and quantitative parameters of the loans based on the data drawn from the Russian National Corpus, an online database containing multiple examples of using the Russian language. Another important objective of the research conducted was to provide a holistic interpretation to the process of secondary adaptation of the nominal Anglicisms from Russian into Kazakh based on the data that I elicited from the Almaty Corpus of the Kazakh language, an online collection of examples of using the Kazakh language. The third main objective of this study was to apply the results of examining the adaptation-based characteristics of the loanwords to an ethnography-based analysis of the language attitudes and identities of two distinct groups of trilingual speakers. I discussed the phenomenon of code-switching as fundamentally important to the emerging nature of simultaneous trilingual use of lexical elements from the three languages under study.


Applied Linguistics



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