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M.C.J. in Criminal Justice

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D'Andre Walker

Second Advisor

Abigail Novak

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Kimberly Kaiser


University of Mississippi

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Social control theory suggests that having strong social bonds to a society prevents individuals from engaging in delinquent acts. Consistent with the main assumption of this theoretical framework, the current study assesses whether having a weak bond to school, specifically, school disengagement, impacts violent behavior among adolescents. The current study also assesses whether gender and race/ethnicity moderate the relationship between school disengagement and violence involvement. Data used in this study were obtained from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescents to Adult Health public-use data (N = 6,045). Results show that school disengagement is a significant predictor of violent behavior among adolescents. Recommendations for theory, research, and social programs for adolescents are discussed.

Available for download on Thursday, July 24, 2025